neon - set top box

10ft UI/UX + Hardware Development

As a Senior UI/UX Design Manager for DLA (a subsidiary of telecom company America Movíl), I lead the efforts on envisioning the set-top box (STB) experience along with working closely with an Industrial Design Firm to develop the hardware in creating a unified experience for our new content delivery platform Neon for Latin America.

scope of work

  • Wireframes

  • User Flows

  • Interaction Design

  • Design Strategy

  • UI Design

  • Hardware Design Considerations

Home screen and menu overlay

Home screen and menu overlay

My Approach

With the web and native app experiences underway, I wanted to create an experience that was familiar but also able to leverage the platform’s uniqueness.  We strategized an experience around the users’ main tool - the remote. Working closely with an agency developing the hardware, I lent my product development experience to bridge the gap between the software and the hardware.


I ensured a holistic approach to the platform - a minimalistic remote that intuitively interacted with the set top box’s interface.

Simple Interaction Model (Remote and Screen)

Simple Interaction Model (Remote and Screen)

exploring the interaction model

Researching best practices for 10-foot design, I approached this challenge with the most recognizable interaction model: the grid layout. Key functions were just a button press away with the ‘one-button’ remote. I also made sure there were UI alternatives for ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Simplified interaction model featuring simple navigation and interaction

  • Smooth transitions from each content

bridging the gap

Working alongside an great industrial design firm based out of Rhode Island, I made sure each user touch point was thoughtfully considered from both a hardware and software perspective. With constant sync-ups and design reviews, we made sure both tandem projects informed each other.

Key Highlights:

  • Worked alongside product specialists from Apple and Samsung.

  • Delivered a holistic approach to the platform.

  • My product design background proved invaluable

Obligatory Venn Diagram

Obligatory Venn Diagram

The Takeaway

Having the opportunity to lead the UIUX effort for the 10-foot experience was a daunting but accomplishing experience. My previous experience with physical product design helped me speak languages on both sides of R&D: physical and digital.

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