Neon Project - OTT VOD Platform


Neon is a vibrant and fresh OTT VOD platform for Latin America.  Being a design-driven product, emphasis on a sleek aesthetic was paramount.  I was tasked to co-lead a team to deliver innovative design for Beta release (iOS, Android, Responsive Web).




I wanted to create an app that streamlines the discovery of activities close by.  Mood search being the main way of discovery, a user can search anything: be it activities, places, food, drinks, etc.  Curated results will display showing user reviews along with a brief write-up.


Supperclub Eyewear

Featuring great imagery & curated editorials, Supperclub Eyewear needed an engaging way for users to view content and the collection.  By implementing an image-heavy layout and clean UI, this app lets the imagery shine.


Galerie Artwalk Companion


Miami being the home of Art Basel and various galleries in Wynwood, I put together a companion app to help coordinate a user's walk.  By exploring, mapping, and sharing a user can prioritize as well as making sure they don't miss a thing in Miami's thriving art scene.